Cocos Island Accommodations

Liveaboard Ship at Cocos IslandIf you speak of accommodation, especially for those that goes with the description of luxury and comfort, what will usually come in to your mind is a nice view of the surroundings. In the case of an island accommodation, you can expect a nice view of the beach and the ocean. But what if we tell you there is a kind of accommodation that offers you a great view of both the sea and the island itself.
Here in Cocos island, it’s not just a possibility that you can have a great view of the island and the sea at the same time, but it’s the only way. But why? Since the Costa Rican Government has prohibited the construction of resorts, hotels or any form of human settlement in the island, tourists has no other option but to stay and live-out at sea via live-aboard vessels.

Your Life at Sea

Most of the tour companies tendering live-aboard cruise to Cocos island offers a 10-day package. Despite being offered as an adventure trip, do not expect that you will be living in a floating bamboo raft like the ones you see in adventure movies. Live-aboards are custom built ship that can be classified as a floating hotel. These vessels have several air-conditioned cabins with its own private bathroom and enough space for comfortable living.

But don’t expect that you will spending the entire 10 days in your room as lots of activities are in store for the trip. For example, you can do dolphin and whale watching during the 36-hour journey from mainland Costa Rica going to Cocos island. Once you are safely anchored at one of the anchorage sites, you can set foot on the island and do a day hike following an upland trail going to lush rainforest or take a dip in one of the many waterfalls that surrounds the island. You can even hear stories about pirates and their lost looted treasure buried somewhere in the island where you can even discuss among fellow guest about its possible location. But please don’t plan to do treasure hunting as it is prohibited in the island.

Diving with Sharks: The Reason Why Tourists comes to Cocos island

Hammerhead SchoolIf you are not a scuba diver, then you have no good reason in going to Cocos island. Well, non-divers can still go to Cocos island but they cannot maximize their live-aboard trip as most of the adventure happens underwater.

Compared to other dive destination, Cocos island only has a few dive sites. Just over ten sites. But nevertheless, all these sites guarantee to fill your adrenaline bucket. Coming face to face with sharks is a guaranteed experience in each dive. Dominated by hammerhead sharks, you will see hundreds of these apex predators when you go diving in Cocos island. Their immense population coupled with the way they swim and pass by you will give you the impression that they form a barricade commonly known as the “wall of sharks”.
If there is a wall, then there is also a “carpet of sharks” in Cocos Island, but this is not made up of hammerhead sharks. Instead, it is made up of sleeping whitetip reef sharks where they cover the northern reefs of Cocos island called Manuelita. The description of this relatively relaxed dive is only applicable when you do a day where the situation is totally different during night time. Aside from total darkness, whitetip reef sharks are now highly active in search for food. Just imagine, regardless of where you point the beam of your underwater torch or flashlight, sharks are always there as they are attracted to its brightness.

If you consider your interaction with hammerheads and whitetip reef sharks as fair excitement, then wait until a large-sized shark with that famous stripe will give you the ultimate surprise of your life. Yes, tiger sharks have been seen and recorded passing by near the reef ledge and may come close to your group for a close inspection. Don’t worry, it will just go away and get back to its patrolling course after a few minutes.

Whalesharks do appear in Cocos island where they have become a part of your underwater adventures in Cocos island. Most dive groups interact with whalesharks towards the end of the dive where you will usually exit on deep water. Many have considered this interaction the icing on the cake.

Well, after all these descriptions, you can say that the underwater world of Cocos island is the perfect accommodation for sharks.

Deep-Sea Diving for Divers and Non-Divers

This is good news in case you or your partner is not a certified diver. While recreational diving requires training and certification, deep-sea diving requires none. But how is this possible since you will go deep-sea diving?

A deep-sea submersible craft is the answer to this. Doing this only requires a short orientation. After your pre-dive preparation, all you need to do is sit down inside the submersible craft and let the pilot do the maneuvering and diving.

If divers are amazed by the transition of the shallow depths to the abyssal darkness, then what more for non-divers. As you enter the twilight zone, what you will see are only the lights of the submersibles instruments. But as the external strobes of the craft are lit-up, deep-sea creatures that are usually oddly looking will start to come near you as they are attracted to the artificial light. Diving further down up to 300 meters (1,000 feet), you will see a different environment from above where the dynamics of the abyssal depths is usually calm and tranquil. This is perfectly manifested by the slow movement of its wildlife like the jellynose fish, red-lipped batfish and the prickly shark.

At the end of the day when you go back home, you will realize that living on board for 10 days is actually not a bad deal as your only option in going to Cocos island. And maybe, correct us if we are wrong, you are already planning for your next trip in this beautiful offshore Costa Rican Island.

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