Hotel Buenos Aires

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


$55 for rooms with ceiling fans.

$80 for air-conditioned rooms.

Amenities: Beach, Free High-Speed Internet, Free Parking, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Room Service, Swimming Pool

Accommodations: 8 Rooms.


Phone Number: (506)2640-0254




Merging the towns of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen is a long
strip of a glamorous beach on the region of Nicoya Peninsula. Surfs
and tides, sunsets and sunny days, tropical wonders and lazy days
fabricate the enchanting bay of Playa Carmen. Beach-bums, professional
surfers, lazy sunbathers, and adventurers – all sorts of people desire to
visit the beach of Playa Carmen. Why not succumb to the days filled
with sunshine, ocean, forests and pristine sand? The tropical paradise
should be visited at least once in a lifetime if not more. Although
there are plenty of hotels and resorts, Hotel Buenos Aires is a
preferred choice when wanting impeccable views of Playa Carmen, Mal
Pais and Santa Teresa. Additionally, the hotel provides an opportunity
for an elegant stay at a good price!

Hotel Buenos Aires rises from the peak of the central part of Santa
Teresa and overlooks the panoramic horizons of Costa Rica including
the splendid beaches, a scenic coast of Mal Pais and the lovely beauty
of Santa Teresa. The hotel is popular among the sports enthusiasts and
young people for it offers an easy access to various recreations and
sports activities. Although Playa Carmen’s strongest stalk is its
unbeatable surfing spots, the options do not end here. You can go deep
sea fishing and on your lucky day you are bound to catch a fish or
two. From your catch, the hotel’s chef cooks up delicious seafood!
Grab a kayak and traverse the tides, gather your wits and go
snorkeling or scuba diving. The sun rays pierce the water creating
well-lighted spots for observing mystical marine creatures. For just
fun and play, you can splash and frolic in the waves. If you had
rather do something on the land then there are majestic horses to
ride! When laziness strikes, take a simple stroll along the shoreline,
build castles, have picnics, sunbathe and watch the glorious sun
meltdown. When the day of animated activities comes to an end, walk a
short distance to the Hotel Buenos Aires. A voluminous outdoor pool
brimming with crystal clear water looks inviting and a splash in it is
very refreshing. Grab some drinks from the bar and relax by the
poolside under the tropic sun. After the dusk, you can witness the
famous Santa Teresa sunset from the pool. Moreover, if desired, there
is yoga to do and massages to receive.

The hotel has a gourmet restaurant by the name of Birsas del Mar that
serves excellent drinks and dishes of both traditional and
international variety. The cuisines are homemade, healthy and
delectable and feature a Fish of the Day. The restaurant is open to
the public and the atmosphere is quite casual and comfortable. After a
hearty meal, head over to you bed for a deep dreamless slumber.
Accommodations are eight in number to keep the scene intimate and
tranquil. The three air-conditioned rooms are on the upper floor while
the other five with fans are on the ground floor. The rates of the
rooms remain constant throughout the year. An air-conditioned room can
be rented for 70 dollars per night while a room with only a ceiling
fan is of 55 dollars per night. Each room is furnished with a double
bed and a single bed. They all have a private bathroom with access to
hot water, a front patio/balcony with hammocks and spectacles of the
ocean. A stay at Hotel Buenos Aires promises fun, relaxation and a
superb tan!

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