My Favorite Malpais Breaks

Surfing the Mar Azul point break in Malpais, Costa Rica

This is a first in a series of articles by George about surfing Costa Rica.

#1 – Mar Azul

I have been surfing for 40 years in various parts of the world. This column will focus on my surfing experiences in Costa Rica. I have been surfing in this beautiful country for 15 years and it is one of my favorite places not only for the surf but for the natural beauty, the people, the fishing and many other outdoor activities.

I will start with the break called “Mar Azul” which just so happens to be located right out my front door. Mar Azul is a left hand point break that breaks best on a large south swell. It has several peaks starting with the large first peak that begins right in front of a very large reef rock. It can be a sketchy drop for a beginner and is only recommended for advances surfers depending on the size. The inside second peak is much more user friendly and when working correctly can break for over 200 yards. The paddle out is usually easy because you can begin paddling at the mouth of the bay into which the waves break without getting your hair wet. Mar Azul does not break often, but when it gets big enough it can be one of the most fun waves in Mal Pais.

Mar Azul Surf Spot – Video

#2 – Playa Carmen

I surf mainly on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula which includes Mar Azul, Playa Carmen, St. Teresa and Playa Hermosa. Playa Carmen, an area in Mal Pais, is a really great beach break with multiple peaks breaking both left and right. This is one of my favorites breaks because both north and south swells produce here. It also has several peaks which tend to spread the crowds making it a less congested break. My favorite peak in this zone is called “El Bar” (named so because of the nightclub bar directly in front of the break). It has a sand bottom for forgiveness and a wedgey let and right peak
that line up really well. This break as well as many other breaks in Mal Pais fires better at mid to incoming high tide. It can break well on small swells and also holds a bigger swell in the over head category. It is an easy break to access as it is located at the cross roads of Town in Mal Pais.

George Price is the owner of the beautiful Pez Volador surfer’s rental villa, a four-bedroom luxury home with breathtaking views of the Malpais area and Mar Azul break, available for rent here: Pez Volador.

Note: When it’s low tide at Mar Azul, check out the Malpais Tidepools at Mar Azul.

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