Surf Spots in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa’s real attraction is their consistent waves. The remote tropical towns are located on the southern tip of Pacific Coast of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Free from the city jazz and opulent fuss, the towns give people an appealing change of scene on their holidays. Imagine yourself in a land exquisitely defined with long stretches of white sand beaches, infinite lagoon of blue, forested crags, rain-forests flourishing with wildlife and an appeasing, isolated atmosphere. There are several beaches dotting the areas in and around Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, and most of them are popular for their surf breaks. The excellent surfs are one of the main reasons of the recent popularity among the surfers. Several international competitions between surfers are now held at Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Not only that, those who are novices in surfing, they can easily learn to surf on their vacation.

Surf Spots in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

Mal Pais is an incredible place to surf. With a few persons in sight, you do not have to wait up in lines like in Jaco beach. Papagayo strong winds and waves of Central Pacific and Guanacaste hit the shores of Mal Pais, and this allows a perfect blend of strong rip currents all year round. Surfing in Santa Teresa is better during the low-currents when the waves are faster. The high swells and a range of surf breaks attract a lot of experienced surfers. La Lora and Suck Rock are popular spots for surfing in Santa Teresa.

Punta Barrigona 

It is an exposed left hand point break on Nicoya Peninsula. Offshore winds from the northeast, frequent groundswells and southern windswells along with strong rips offer quite a challenge to surfers. It is not suitable for beginners.

Sunset Reef

It is also a left hand point that may not have very consistent breaks, however the challenge to brave the waves entice the professional surfers all the time.

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is a long strip of white-sand beach positioned between the towns of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa.  The beach is known for its perfect surfing spots all year round. The waves tend to be less forceful with rip tides. Dry season offers the best conditions to surf; these are the months between December and April. Due to its rip currents, Playa Carmen is also suitable for beginner surfers.

Mar Azul


The rock formations and overhead swells create a good combination for surfing which is only suitable for pro surfers. It has both right and left hand point breaks.

Playa Hermosa


Playa Hermosa has got surf breaks all year round. The waves are rip currents and less forceful which makes it convenient for novices in surfing. The northern end of the beach is acknowledged to have the best of surfing spots.


It needs a good swell to develop for surfing. The beach is well known for its snorkeling spots.

Playa de Los Suecos 

The left hand break is long, hollow offshore and requires a workable wall. Not suitable for beginners.

List of accommodations that offer surfing class: Mal Pais Surf Camp & Resort, Hotel Surf the Place, Anamaya Surf and Yoga Retreat, and Blue Surf Sanctuary.


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